Monday, August 15, 2011

DI (almost) Y front Yard

Remember my goal to keep my yard all natural? Well, I've pulled a lot of weeds from my grass this summer. A few weeks ago I decided that my lawn needed something to distract the eye from the weeds. So, I bought some scrawny apple trees (inspired by a book my sister sent about turning your yard into garden), bushes and flowers that were on super sale, hired a guy to pull up the sod and then created a little "island" in the middle of the yard.

This spring

Turo "helps"

Apple tree island

(maybe I can bake a pie in 15-20 years)

(the rocks in the border once resided under my yard)

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  1. Love apple tree island. Love planting fruit trees. Hate moving away from fruit trees I have planted. I have no vision. I can never make BIG changes like that. But I sure do appreciate them.