Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why my neighbors wish we could have fences/my attempts at organic lawncare

Last summer I decided to be "green" with my yard maintenance. No more chemicals. A reel mower. Organic fertilizer. Well, the results haven't been so fantastic. Our yard is the cul-de-sac eye-sore. Dandelions pop up daily (and I'm out there each day with my little weed tool pulling them up). The grass is pretty thin. The weeds are greener than the grass. I'm attempting to revive things with a re-seeding plan. Hopefully in a few months I can post a picture of a happy, healthy, organic lawn.

Here is view from the other morning. Can you tell which one is ours?

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  1. Oooo, I am with you.

    Right now our lawn and garden our a huge issue for me. I refuse to use weed killer, esp in the garden for several reasons, at the apex is health. Well, the veg garden is turning into an amazon, and the front yard needs edging like Mama needs a glass of wine some nights. UG. Not.enough.time.