Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Because I am a mother
Because my son was born in Ethiopia
Because I have driven through the African countryside
Because the first photo taken of my son is of him looking skinny and scared
Because his family still lives there
The stories from the Horn of Africa remain
Long after I close my browser or turn off the radio.
I think about drought when watering my grass
I think about hunger when I clean out the refrigerator
I think about inequity when I’m shopping
I think about loss when laughter tumbles from my son.
We’ve given
But it isn’t enough.
I can see my child in these images
And I can’t imagine not being able to feed him
To provide for him
To keep him alive.

If you're interested in making a donation, here are some links for you:
Doctors Without Borders fundraiser (spearheaded by fellow adoptive mama)
Oxfam and UNICEF are also raising funds to address the crisis
Or check out this list compiled by Interaction.org for other NGOs working in East Africa


  1. All of this I, too, carry every single day. Thank you for the love link to my fundraiser. Heartfelt gratefulness.