Friday, August 12, 2011

Adoption Talk

A few months after we became a family, I put together a basic photo album of some pictures from Ethiopia and an assortment of photos of friends and family. This album sits in our big basket of books and from time to time Turo pulls it out when we are reading. We talk about the pictures and the people in them. Last night Turo took out a photo of him and A.G., a family member in Ethiopia. The picture was taken at our meeting with A.G. Our conversation went something like this:

Turo: There’s baby Turo, A.G. and mama’s hand. Why is A.G. sad?
Me: Because she was saying good-bye to you.
Turo: Why?
Me: Because you were going to live with Mama and Papi in Michigan.
Turo: Did I go to the gym when I was a baby?
Me: No, you lived with A.G. when you were a baby.
Turo: Was I called Buturo when I was a baby?
Me: Yes, your name has always been Buturo.

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