Tuesday, September 27, 2011

13 Ways Glimmer of Hope is Helping

Through their fundraising efforts, Glimmer of Hope is supporting agencies on the ground with the following efforts:

1. Malnourished children are receiving nutrient rich food

2. Mobile health clinics are providing check-ups

3. Water is being delivered to areas in need

4. Children in the Dolo Ado refugee camp are being offered educational activities

5. Reunification programs are being provided to children who have been separated from their families

6. Basic necessities are being given to families in the Dolo Ado refugee camp

7. Fortified food is being offered to lactating and pregnant women

8. Interim care is being given to displaced children

9. Vaccinations are being administered

10. Water storage and water trucking is being provided to the Dolo Ado refugee camp

11. Fortified food is being distributed to people with HIV/AIDS

12. First aid kits are being handed out in the refugee camp

13. Bringing hope to those in desperate need

If you would like to contribute to Glimmer of Hope, please visit my fundraising page at http://www.aglimmerofhope.org/campaign/131-ethiopia

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