Sunday, May 8, 2011

Family Yoga

During our Wait, I found solace in yoga. I could try to be present, to let go, to be in my body. After the addition of Turo to our lives and our move back to Michigan, I haven't really found a new teacher/studio like the one I frequented in Dallas. Some days at the gym I'll use my yoga app, but other than that my practice has waned.

However, I signed the three of us up for family yoga at the Y. Today was our second class. Turo participates about 25% of the time and the rest of the class he watches, does his own thing and asks questions. (And yes, we're totally that family taking pictures at yoga.)

This afternoon while we were lying in Savasana, I peeked over at him to make sure he was still on his mat. And I thought how different this pose was today compared with two years ago. How I had to work so hard to try to let go of my expectations about motherhood, referrals, travel and the wait. How I strove to be with my breath. Today as we lay side by side, Turo's hand in mine, I smiled at my sweet boy through tear filled eyes. Sometimes it still amazes me that I'm really his mother.

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  1. Powerful moment.

    That photo of you guys is a framer.