Friday, August 17, 2012

Two weeks in

After two weeks:

- I think I am really going to dig my new job. It's going to be hard, but has amazing potential for doing great work with kids.
- It has been surprisingly awesome to spend the day thinking and planning.  After three years in which my planning revolved around child rearing and housekeeping, it is nice to be engaged in some adult level thinking again.
- I remembered to put on deodorant  8 out of 10 days.  Seriously, how do you forget this crucial step in the morning routine?  Somehow I did. Twice.
- Trying to balance the needs of Turo at night is hard.  He's used to having my attention most of the day.  We played a lot.  Now we have to cram fun, dinner, clean-up & the bedtime routine into about 2.5 hours.  Evening has been hard for everyone.  Hopefully, we'll get into a flow and it won't seem so tough.
- Jose is has been a rock star.  He has really embraced this dual working parent thing and is jumping in to get stuff done.
- Even so, I have no idea when everything will happen.  Full laundry baskets wait to be emptied.  The floor needs to be mopped.  I've worked out once in the last two weeks.
- I think I'll be asleep by 10 tonight.  

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