Sunday, July 1, 2012

Three is the magic number (for now)

Once the paperwork is filled out in adoption, you wait.  And in that space, there is much time to think.  Time passes.  Things change.  New information is added to the mix.  Deep conversations about life and finances and family and ethics are had.  While we waited for Turo, we had many long chats about such things.  But once we talked ourselves in circles, we reemerged wanting to continue on the path. Still excited even in the face of the unknowns. 

This time around has been different.  Somewhere in the early days of spring, we realized that we felt some relief that the call hadn’t come yet.  We were not in the same place as when we first began discussions about starting in on adoption #2.  Realizing that we needed some space to contemplate the make-up of our family, we called our social worker and asked that our file be put on hold. 

Maybe we’ll be on hold a few more months or for a year or maybe our family is complete.   For now we will embrace being a family of three and will continue to listen to our hearts as we look to the future. 

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  1. I've wondered where you were with all of this. Big hugs.

    p.s. adoption is not for sissies. but you know that. :)