Friday, March 2, 2012

How blogging can feel like middle school

Growing up I was a bit of a nerd (okay I was totally a nerd), but that was okay with me. Other than buying a pair of Skidz in 7th grade, I didn’t feel a deep need to be part of the “in” crowd. But now, in the blog world, the cool crowd is awesome. They build schools, write deeply, share from their hearts, adopt again, develop projects for Ethiopia, run, paint, and parent with thoughtfulness and love. I am in awe of these women.

With less than a dozen readers, I’m still not part of the hip, happening crowd in the blog world. So when the chance comes up to meet a blogger in person, it feels a little like asking to sit at the cool table in the cafeteria. The incredible thing about the internet is that I follow moms from all over the U.S. So now when we head out on a vacation, I have a little side motive to our trip – meet blogging friends.

We’ve trekked to Oklahoma from Dallas to reunite with Cazadora and Oakley. I made Jose drive the 2 ½ hours to L.A., in SoCal traffic, during our San Dan Diego vacation so we could meet Julie and family. Last week, we got to meet Ms. SillyPants and Blueberry on our Midwestern roadtrip. It’s an interesting feeling to be in a house you’ve seen pictures of, be with people you’ve read about and have a whole backstory to your conversations already in place. No awkward chitchat of meeting someone the first time. You can just jump right in to the good stuff. Turo told me the worst thing about playing with his new friend was having to leave. And this Mama couldn't agree more.

This summer we’ll be in Denver. Anyone want to schedule some playdates?

Fun with friends


  1. Ack! This made me cry! I'm so lucky that you came to visit us. Turo is solely responsible for Melese becoming potty trained (Like Turo Mommy!) Meazi still talks about your skills as a dentist, and I think about you every time I see the beautiful bracelet you designed and created, so that kids could have books and an education. There is no one cooler than you Sara! Come back soon. xoxo

  2. I was 45 minutes from your house all last weekend. I thought about contacting you but wasn't sure I was cool enough... okay, that was only one part of the reason. The bigger part is I was elbow deep in rodent crap and disfunctional family dynamics. But when my family finally does sell the house I grew up in - (Detroit 'burbs) - I will plan a day to hang out with you if you will let us. Turo can fall in my parents' pond - it really is a special magic.