Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Camp

This morning we dropped Turo off for day camp. The preschool he's going to in the fall offers summer programs, so Turo is heading off each morning for the next two weeks to learn about cooking. He woke up today at 6:20 asking if it was time for preschool day camp yet.

We walked him into the building to check things out. He quickly found a toy he wanted to play with, hugged me and said "bye mom." Sigh...

I think this little camp will be good for both of us. He'll get to test out preschool and play with other kids; I'll have some time to myself. This morning I've already put in a load of laundry, pulled weeks, put fertilizer down in the front, planned out our weekly menu and made a shopping list. And I still have almost an hour left before I need to go pick him up. So, I'm off to plant some sedums in my garden.

1 comment:

  1. The time you get apart is so valuable. For you both. It gives you a re-set (as well as a few hours to get things done without help), and it gives him a place to establish his own identity, learn to play with people his own age, learn to listen to other adults, and have stories of his own to come home and tell his family. Wonderful all around. Good for you for enrolling him. What a great opportunity!